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Jadedone, it sounds like you have lots of great ideas about how a community of Jesus-followers should function, but this community wasn't interested in what you think. Being at this church must have been very a frustrating experience for you. I hope you'll find a church which is open to your ideas and lets you be involved helping to implement them.
Overall a Positive Experience On Saturday evening I went to the ‘deep’ worship service at http://www.vineyardoakpark.com/index.html Vineyard Church of Oak Park.

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ntbw, it's kind of you to say it's not necessarily fair to expect others to behave a particular way just to make you feel like you belong. However I don't think it's that much to ask, that people in...
Rob do you see a problem with a church hosting educational programs during the part of the church calendar often referred to as Lent and choosing a specific topic each year? It sounds like a fine...
"any pastor worth his salt would be a far better resource, IMHO, than an anonymous site such as ChurchRater." I see that Tyler has already replied. Maybe you're most interested in his response, but,...
Elaine, I'm curious - what would church small groups need to include for them to work as well for you as A Small Group?
Tobymac, thanks for the rating. I appreciate how fair you were - that even though you didn't like the church overall, you mentioned some things you did appreciate and the good you'd heard about them...