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Lame liturgy (the flamboyant, silly organist is a big part of the problem) -- they can't decide what sort of church service they want and end up trying to be all things to all people.  The result is they are nothing to anyone.  Sad, really, the church has a long history of good music and decent sermons.  Those days seem to be over.
This is a once-excellent, now ruined congregation of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination.  The megalomaniac senior pastor is a flat-out kook.  It is very sad to see what has happened to this church since he's been there.  There may be more people in the pews each weekend, but he has driven off anyone who is willing to think for himself, the church has lost most of the educated members and now appeals soley to low-income and uneducated folk.  (Who else could stand to listen to the wierdness that comes from that pulpit every weekend?)
This is a classic. A small, inner city congregation with a dynamic, inspirational pastor who will leave you thinking and happy to be working on your own intellectual and spiritual growth. The music isn't the point of this service, the content of what the pastor says will bring you back for more.

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The answer is simple:  "Church Rater" has morphed to become "Church Promoter." If/when anyone gives helpful-but-critical comments here, they get harrassed ("flamed...
There is of course, nothing wrong with any given demographic outreach by a church.  What you missed is the essence of the point.  Here's a church that turned its back on its roots and now...