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I attended the evening service at saint marks. It was impressive to say the least. I would encourage it to anyone. I got there and silently entered the large cathedral along with a great number of others and sat down in the large wooden pews, waiting for those to come out and sing that evening. No one announced those who were singing they just came out and sang and left. And almost one thousand people left as silently as they had entered.

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I got to Ardent church a few minutes late but they were very welcoming. They are meeting in a back room of a dance studio. This is kind of distracting with al the mirrors and different things...
Upon arriving at Mars Hill there was no greeters or anybody who seemed to notice I had walked in. I was with a large group of my friends that had decided to visit Mars Hill, so it is understandable...
Church of the Apostles is an excellent representation and embodiment of emerging churches.  They have a wonderful community atmosphere along with a very intentional and theological pact worship...