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Sunday Assembly is a church-style meeting designed for atheists/agnostics/freethinkers.  Their motto is "Live better. Help often. Wonder More." They started in the UK in 2013 and have since seen local assemblies spring up in cities all over the world.
Hillsong Australia, the Sydney based church best known for its widely popular praise and worship music, which is sung in churches all over the English speaking world, started not one but four new campuses in Melbourne this year.  I've been meaning to pop down and check them out for a while, so this morning I drove my car to a bit north of the city and ran the final 3 kilometres to their (main) meeting in downtown (called the CBD in Australia).
  I found this church via a google search for "King James Only churches, Melbourne, VIC, Australia". They were the second result. I was simply trolling the internet a bit bored.  I grew up in an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist church in the U.S., and while they are relatively widespread in the U.S., I was curious if the phenomenon existed here in my new home down under.
A delicious spiritual community of artists.  I went to check out one of Solace' two regular weekly meetings this morning--"Sunday Stuff".  It was such a deliciously relaxed atmosphere.  More like hanging out with people in a cafe or coffee house than "church" in the more popular sense.  They also do a vegetarian, gluten free meal followed by spiritual practices on Tuesday evenings, called "Tuesday Stuff".  There were ~10 adults and a handful of children and teens.
My family and I attended Oceans Church yesterday evening because we are on holiday visiting some friends who regularly attend this church.

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I've decided to delete this review. Sorry.
 We never attended Northshore properly, or got super plugged in, but we did hang out there on Sundays for a few weeks back in early 2001, and there was a fellow named Todd, a missions pastor,...
 Hey!  I used to live right down the street from this church!     Another really kewl thing they do (as I understand it) is participate in a program in the city of Seattle in...
Jim, My wife noticed the sermon series.  I think she was poking around on google looking at local churches near our home, and thus noticed the sermon series. I hadn't noticed the bait and switch...
... Maybe we should compare this to other types of communities? I'm thinking of a house party for instance. It's sort of the role of the host/hostess to keep an eye peeled for someone being "left...