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Hands down one of the best services I have attended in a long time. This service was full of liturgy and tradition, the kind that you could feel from the time you walked in the door. Upon even approaching the door, there was so much respect for this sacred place that the room was in complete silence. Being that the church was located on Capital Hill, there was a whole variety of people that came to this compline service. The greatest part of it all was that everyone was just mixed in with everyone else. There were no divisions, homeless people sat with the wealthy and vice versa.

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It started when we walked in the door and were instantly greeted by someone who had seen us come in. She wasn’t the delegated door greeter, but she had seen us come in and didn’t...
I had my doubts going into this church being that it was telecasted and the pastor had a different theology than most, but those were quieted when we arrived. We walked in to a small auditorium...
My experience in this church was very traditional and contemporary all at the same time. We first arrived at this church that was held in a dance studio right in the middle of town and walked into a...