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the worship was okay, the sermon was boring...but the building was packed and there were lots of kids and teens.  nice building
this church experience made me sick.  i went there once a few years ago to hear a guest speaker, so i thought now that i am looking for a church i would try a sunday morning service-  wow, what a joke.  i went to two because the first was so awful, i wondered if it was just a bad sunday.  no such luck.
we came to the church because it had such an unusual building, didnt look like a church-  but it was good, mostly.  the worship was too loud and the leader looked like he just woke up or something.  he also did a small sermon i didnt understand before there was another small sermon before commuinon time, and then the pastor had another long sermon.   the service was about an hour,, but it was just okay.  our kids liked their children classes, but it looked really disorganized back in that part of the building.  the people were friendly.  it looks like

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i've never been but have heard awesome things about this church-  if i lived in cincinatti, i would check it out-  and if i lived in cincinatti and didnt go to church anywhere, i think i...
he talked "up here" and was not all that engaging.  if i was a non-christian i dont know that i would have had any reason to listen or care what he was saying.  the bible is...
i dont know that the point of this site is to be generous, but to be honest.  if you want to interpret that as "venom" that's fine.  all i know is that it makes me sad to think...
blah blah blah... other than ecfa comment, none of that made any sense-  more boring church!! woot!!
saying that you will get a solid hour of biblical preaching is a bit of a stretch-  not sure the first adjective i would use to describe his preaching is "biblical."  and yes, i...